Not liking me at the moment

It’s 2 days after Mother’s Day and the school springs a curriculum day on us.

Monkey Boy insists on a friend coming over. So organised that with relevant parent.

Take Godzilla to kinder gym, where I spend the hour sticking labels on envelopes (to mail magazines out to members – gotta make some decent use of the time), then on to kinder.

Where I discover its photo day.

And Godzilla had been allowed to dress himself for the day.

Which, inevitably, turned out to be his slightly faded $3 red t-shirt and size two shorts.

Oh, with the prerequisite size two summer jarmies underneath.

Which could clearly be seen under his shirt and shorts.

How could I not have remembered these things? And why are they not in my diary?

Where has my mind gone?

And have I successfully managed to convince myself that “this is what he is like at the moment, so this is what his kinder photos should reflect”?

I hope so.

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