Not so not crafty, after all.

Chippie discovered the Craft Box.

Not being a particularly crafty person myself, I long since gave up entertaining the highly-touted concept among ‘good mother’ groups of providing craft activities for my children and/or actually sitting down with them and partaking in a little craftiness myself.

Usually, I reserve my craftiness for … well, for … I can’t say “sneaking vegies into their food” as I have better things to do with my time and would rather not go to that much effort. Instead, they get whatever vegies they end up with on their plate and they can eat it or starve. Whatevs.

Actually, I think perhaps I lack the ‘crafty’ gene in all manner of definitions of the word.

The Craft Box is a large plastic tub that consists of the extremely limited craft supplies we have accumulated over the last twelve years. Most items are gifts given by ignorant and unknowing friends and relatives, or those who were aware of just how much deprivation my children were experiencing at my hands and making vain attempts to provide their lives with some artistic culture.

(In fairness to me, I did

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