Not so simple

Packed kid one off to school, dropped kid two at kinder and went shopping and had a coffee with a friend.

Thank goodness. I needed it to endure the Unpacking of the Lunchbox.

4.10pm Children arrive home from respective educational institutions

4.21pm Children, despite knowing that they must do it as soon as they walk in the door, are asked to unpack their lunchboxes. This consists of taking coolers out of school bags, taking lunch and snack boxes out of coolers and placing then on the sink and coolers on the bench, ready for the next day, ice packs to go in freezer and school bags away (ie out of my way!).

4.33pm Children reminded, again, to unpack lunchboxes.

4.52pm Monkey Boy asked to put school bag away. Godzilla asked to unpack lunch box.

5.23pm Godzilla asked to unpack lunch box.

5.35 pm Godzilla told, firmly, to unpack lunch box.

5.58pm Godzilla taken, physically, from toy room and placed on stairs with instructions that he is not to come off the stairs unless he is coming off to unpack his lunch box.

6.01pm Godzilla placed back on stairs.

6.09pm Monkey Boy and Grumpy called for evening meal. Godzilla informed he may join us. Just as soon as his lunch box is unpacked.

6.28pm Godzilla asked to not eat his sandwich crusts, but put lunchbox away and join us for dinner.

7.02pm Godzilla asked to remove himself, lunch and snack boxes and cooler from middle of floor and to put everything where it needs to go.

7.33pm Godzilla dragged to shower, kicking and screaming becuase he missed his bath (“I doesn’t like showers. I like barfs”) because he was unpacking his lunch box. For half an hour.

7.48pm Godzilla requested to put lunch box lid on sink, not half under couch.

8.23pm Godzilla requested to put snack box on sink, not on couch.

9.02pm Godzilla requested to get out of bed and put cooler away, including ice pack.

9.11pm Godzilla requested, again, to put kinder bag away.

9.13pm and again

9.21pm and again

Time for bed!

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