Nothing better to do with MY time!

Did the kid swap and drop thing then headed off to my mid-term foetal scan (already! argh!!)

Sent Grumpy to do the kinder dropoff so I didn’t have to field the “are you going to find out what it is?” questions, and the “do/don’t find out” unsolicited advice.

Got to clinic right on time, to be told they were running 20 minutes late and then seen 50 minutes after that. What is with that? Are they in a different time zone? Do the scanny machine things affect the running of their clocks so that 50 minutes only shows 20 minutes passing??

If you’re 50 minutes late, tell me 50 minutes. Not 20.

Had to see Ob immediately afterwards, who was also running late as he had to go into theatre. That I can handle. Only problem was, I had a coffee appointment with a business colleage at the time we were told the Ob would be back. And we’d changed the time to be on the safe side – half an hour later than originally planned. The original time would have given me a coffee between scan and appointment.

Whilst we were waiting, I checked over the scan report we had been given to give to Ob. Diagnosis: normal development for a 19 week foetus”

Normal? What is this normal? I’ve never had a normal child in my life. I don’t live in a normal house! How will I cope with a normal baby? Ah, well, it will have to adapt to survive. Don’t think it will stay normal for very long.

Other than that, everything was good. Phew.

Grumpy collected business colleage from downstairs and we met in the waiting room. Her appearance caused the arrival of my Ob, so went in for my 37 second appointment with him (after waiting 38 minutes). So we got time for coffee after all.

Returned home in time to pick the kids up – but we were out of food, so suggested I go grocery shopping so as to avoid children. Given that last nights dinner was created out of minced beef and a lettuce, as that’s all we had in the fridge, and tonight’s dinner was looking like cardboard cereal boxes that had been turned into robots, I thought it was probably a good idea.

Although, the cardboard had sticky tape and plastic lids stuck to it, so the nutritional value could have been ok.

Head off before Grumpy and kids arrived, and got home in time to unpack the cold stuff, whack it in the fridge and head off to appointment with business solicitor. Opted for walking there as it was just as quick as driving, and possibly less stressful as I didn’t need to find a park.

Walk up the hill nearly killed me, and I proceeded to sit in his waiting room for 20 minutes before meeting with him for just under 6 minutes.

Get home, fortunatley excess children have been removed, unpack remainder of shopping and cook relatively nutritious meal, with no cardboard boxes involved, whilst Grumpy questions my vegetable selection at large supermarket (we usually by from local fruiterer – but we were desperate), in particular, the quality of the cucumber I had aquired.

Open fridge to discover giant chunk out of previously plastic-wrapped cucumber. Courtesy of Godzilla.

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