Nothing like a good "knock knock" joke to make you smile

The joke goes like this:

Knock Knock

Who’s There?

The Interrupting Cow

The interrupting co


(In case you missed it, the teller of the joke says “MOOOO!” very loudly, when the recipient of said joke is asking the “who” bit … thus interrupting them. Thus the hilarity of said joke. Get it?)

It’s the Knock Knock I revert to when I have had enough of their stupid jokes, mostly the Knock Knock ones, and them proceed to interrupt all their jokes by yelling “MOOOOOOOO” very loudly when they start a new joke until the eventually give up and go and do something else. Preferably something less annoying.

They, of course, have reinvented the joke and use sheep and … well, not much else really. They appear to have severely limited imaginations, although do find these jokes hilariously funny.

Who’d’ve thunk it?

Parrot Boy, also known as Chippie, who has reached that age of parroting everything and anything anyone says, including “fuck”, has created his own joke:

Kno’ kno’



He doesn’t allow for you to reply of course. He also does a very good sheep. And an elephant.

And, as I discovered on the way to swimming lessons this morning, as I drew the short straw again, mummies.

Kno’ kno’



And repeat all the way to school dropoff, where I had Godzilla in his ‘elf’ outfit and still no idea if he was supposed to be in it, given they were catching the train into the city, and if he was also to have a change of clothes. Or anything really. Also had a small bout of feeling like Worst Mother in World for half-arsed knock up of elf out fit that was orange. Orange! I ask you …

(Felt slightly better a little later on after discovering that Godzilla was asked to put his outfit on yesterday and

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