There is nothing you can say …

Self awareness is a beautiful thing, and there is nothing you can say about me, behind my back, that I don’t already know.

There’s nothing you can say I’m not aware of. About myself.

I know I’m irreverent. And sarcastic. And that sometimes I don’t know when it’s inappropriate to be one or the other. Or, in most cases, both.

I know that it’s what many expect of me. Which means I’m “the friend who will be facetious and never make a serious comment”. Most times I’m okay with this; it makes people smile – or laugh – when they are feeling least like doing so.

Sometimes, I’m not okay with it. Sometimes, I want to say the serious thing, and have you know I really, really do care. I mean, I know you know, but I’d like you to know with my genuine words.

I know I interrupt with witty repartee, and sometimes, just because my mind is overloaded with so many ideas they burst forth from my gob, whilst my brain (Brian) is saying “Shut up and listen!”

I know I’m intense and highly emotional. Highly, highly emotional, and I cry when having uncomfortable conversations.

Some thing I use it as a manipulative tactic, others think I’m just far too sensitive. You may say these things behind my back, but it is one thing that I know, but you have wrong. I

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