Nothing is what I did today.

I got a call at 1.30am to let me know they had arrived in Bangkok. Godzilla found a nice button on the phone and pressed it whilst I was mid-conversation with Monkey Boy and disconnected me. But not before I heard Grumpy in the background asking “Where is the wallet?”

Another call, just as I drifted back off to sleep. The wallet had, indeed, gone missing. The travel one, containing all the passports and the tickets to Phuket, departing 30 minutes hence. Fortunately, it had been located.

I had a restful sleep, until the phone rang again at 5.30am, so I could be advised that they had arrived safely in Phuket and were now at the hotel, about to go to bed.

By this point, I really didn’t care, but I guess its my fault, as I did ask.

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