Now … onto the bathroom

The kitchen relocation finally got itself sorted – things eventually allocated a “spot” and regularly being returned to the same “spot”

The children have been entertaining thenselves with texta’s and doing some lovely things like using the untouched-for-four-years colouring books.

Monkey Boy is even creating some new things.

Like face masks. Where he draws TMNT (our new fad, with the 80’s video version of the very same, when they were officially knows as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) masks directly onto his brother’s face.

Godzilla has combined his artistic abilities with his love of bandaids, drawing scratches on his leg with red texta then insisting on the need for a bandaid.

I gave up on the bandaid issue, and then joined in the fun by drawing a bandaid over the “scratch” with the nearest, handiest blue pen.

Things got out of hand, however, when Monkey Boy sat still for too long (on the toilet) and Godzilla redecorated him – his face, legs and every other available and exposed surface.

Yes. Every available and exposed surface.

He then moved onto the grouting in the bathroom. With red texta.

Unfortunatley, the bathroom is trimmed in blue. So whilst the red technically looks good, it doesn’t match. And its only a small portion of the bathroom.

But doing the rest of the bathroom in blue should keep him occupied for the remainder of the school holidays.

Or googling how to get red texta out of grouting!

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