Now, there's an idea …

Walking home from kinder is always an adventure.

I never know if its going to be a good one or not; a laugh or some tanties, but Godzila does have a knack of seeing the funny in everything, so it can be quite interesting.

And he has a really, really weird brain and a bizarre way of seeing things.

We’re walking along, hand in hand, so far, all good. A lady walking a dog is coming in the opposite direction. The lady had a grumpy look on her face, and the dog had a bandage on its leg and one of those bucket things around its neck, to prevent it biting and scratching the wound.

Godzilla smiles, then his whole face lights up.

I wonder what is going on in his head. Then I panic, and wonder what he’s going to say. I’ve had to learn to think quick and do some great backpeddling and/or creative explaining.

The smile gets bigger, the eyes get brighter and he says, “Look at that puppy dog, Mummy. It’s a Lamp Dog!”

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