Now they miss me

Finish my three days of workshop, and kids have finally decided they missed me.

Climb into bed at 6am (I’m exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!) with their cold feet and pointy elbows.

Stumble through the Making of School Lunches whilst attempting to ward off the “can you please stay at school this morning, please, mummy, please, I’m begging you, pleeeaaaaaseeee?”

(When does a 6 year old eventually get it? Huh?)

Relent and ask teacher if this morning is a good morning to stay. “Sure, but we’re in the library this morning. You want to help put books back on shelves?”

Ah, no thanks. But then, she didn’t have to deal with the sad sulky looks and the impending guilt.

Made a promise to come in later in the week.

Coz right now I also have to deal with Godzilla, begging me to play with him.

And my work ……..

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