Nutrition Advice From Advertising Execs

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Just other morning, I was stumbling about the kitchen attempting to organise my thoughts so I could organise my breakfast (am not a morning person, just in case you were unaware). Actually, I do that most mornings.

Staring into space doing something that can only be described as nothing, my consciousness kicked in and I found myself staring at the back of a cereal box. I think I was staring at it because my aim had been to empty contents of said box into the now empty Tupperware container that had only previously contained a similar substance. Only, because I hadn’t had enough coffee, I’d actually forgotten what I was actually going to do …

I digress. There I was, stating at the bright, shiny words, screaming GOODNESS! at me. It was very yellow and has lightning bolts emanating from it, so it must have been true.


Eventually, the words worked their way into their brain and formed some sort of cohesive argument … it looked like this.



Yes, this cereal contained the Goodness of Iron and Calcium! Hurrah, for these are all the things all good mothers need to function throughout their day.

As my brain cells formulated themselves into some sort of working order, I could understand why I was feeling so …

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  1. Good article – forwarding on for my Personal Training clients. I am still trying to educate them that cereal is not the best food for them anyway. Thanks!

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