October 10th

Oh dear. How do mothers do this, like, all the time?

Or is it just some facade they all put up, pretending they’re all really great mums just so I feel bad.

I forgot to organise Monkey Boy’s lunch again. I was saved, however, by the very fact that he had not eaten all his lunch yesterday. When I say not eaten it all, I mean he had eaten one quarter of one sandwich. And little else.

And I hadn’t even noticed.

He assurred me this morning, however, that all was ok. That he didn’t eat his lunch yesterday, so he put it in the fridge.

What he didn’t tell me was that he put it in the fridge this morning.

I put his lunch in a lunch box, in a cooler bag with a freezer block. So I was able to convince myself that the freezer block had kept his sandwich cool enough until this morning.

Yup, from when I put it in his cooler bag yesterday morning!

Well, that’s a good thing. Because then I ran out of time to make his lunch, so ran to the fridge to retreive it, only to find that he’d placed it in the fridge (this morning) still in its cooler bag.

Didn’t eat his lunch again today. Not sure why.

At least I won’t have to rush making him another sandwich tomorrow morning.

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