October 11th

We have a friend of Grumpy’s staying with us for a few nights. A successful, childless, goregeous, rich, immaculate carreer woman. Did I mention gorgeous? And childless?

I had uni this morning, and we are unable to locate the spare bed. Well, the sofa bed. In the toy room. Which has been packed with items that would normally live in the garage. Which was packed with all the materials for the decking and renovating of the back yard. And some spare cubby house bits (there are always bits left over!)

Well, the garage finally has the cars back in it, but nothing else has been done since then.

I don’t have the time to make my son lunch every morning. How am I going to make the house presentable for a gorgeous, rich, successful, childless career woman?

Managed to talk Grumpy into sorting out the toy room and locating the sofa bed. Its a rather large one, so it shouldn’t have been too difficult. But the toy room was a mess.

Sofa bed eventually located.

Then I went into the kids bathroom – not something I do often. Its not much fun.

The toilet needs a serious scrub. How can two kids let a toilet get into such a state?! I’m sure it is currently housing those one celled amoebas that, millions of years ago, crawled out of a swamp, multiplied and eventually became humans.

Agghh! There’s an entire human race just waiting to evolve in my toilet.

At this point in time, however, I don’t really care. So long as I don’t have to feed them, or be responsible for them in any way, I’m happy!

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