October 13th

Friend left today. I’m not quite sure how she managed to stay the second night as it was.

What with the toy room now accessable, the kids discovered a whole array of toys previously forgotten. Noisy ones. Really, really noisy ones.

Which they then proceeded to run up & down the hall with. Pre 6am.

Then stand outside our guests door, advising me (because I really wanted to be up at that hour preventing them from making lots of noise) that “she won’t wake up”.

No, because if she had any sense, she would have consumed a large amount of sleeping aids and a bottle of chardonnay before going to bed. Or slept elsewhere. Like Alaska. Or Mozambique.

Or somewhere a long way away from my children.

And then I had another of those horrible parent moments. As we were packing up the sofa bed. And stuffing toys back onto shelves and into cupboards.


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