October 16th

I encountered one of the ‘other’, unspoken Danger of being a work at home mum today. Yes, Danger, with a capital “D”. There’s all the talk about having the kids around, and how they can affect work. Lots of complaints and “how do I deal with its”.

But where is the help and support when a stay at home dad is in the equation. Particlarly a somewhat computer illiterate stay at home dad.

A bored, somewhat computer ignorant and illiterate stay at home dad.

I was at a business seminar all day. Grumpy Pants had done the school lunch and the school run. He’s actually not too bad at it now.

I received a phone call to say that something was “flashing” on my computer. Established that it was, in fact, an MSN message from web designer, needing to get in contact with me about the website.

OK, deep breath “do you think you could just type in that I’m not about, but will be in touch as soon as I get home?”

“Where do I type?”

OK, this isn’t going to well, But we eventually work it out. Unfortunately, Grumpy decided he’d prefer to have a conversation with her, whereby she asked me some questions and offered suggestions about the site, and he responded.

Without telling her it wasn’t me!

During which time, he also used some inappropriate emoticons, and asked me why my web designer kept on saying “Lots Of Love” to me.

Eventually he mentioned it wasn’t actualy ME she was speaking too, which was kind of him. And, fortunately, I was able to fix the damage he’d created. Why would I want that colour combination on my website?


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