October 20th

Monkey Boy had a school excursion today. To Healesville Sanctuary. I’d normally tag along, but they had all the parents they needed, so I didn’t go.

OK, so I say I usually tag along. But that’s just to make me feel better.

He came back from school all excited. They’d had such a fun day.

“Tell me about it” I say, doing the caring and interested parent thing that you’re supposed to do.

“We saw ibis poo!” he screams excitedly.

Fabulous. Sorry I couldn’t make it for that bit.

Headed off to a kinder fundraisery thing, invited along by a friend. It was at a toy outlet. Perfect for me to be organised for Christmas.

Which would be made possible if the rest of the extended family were also organised!

This year, all the In-laws will be attending Christmas in the one spot, including their children and their children’s children, where applicable. Due to in house politics, no one is capable of deciding how the present situation, save for the very fact that no one is allowed to do what suits them!

This is strictly forbidden, and it is essential that there be months of suggestions and arguing before a solution is not forthcoming, and even if there is, everyone does their own thing anyway. Or version of.

So this perfect opportunity to purchase fabulous gifts at a reduced rate for all the children attending Christmas this year has passed me by.

And that’s my excuse for not being organised thie early in the year.

Still managed to pick up a few things for my kids, and one or two for others, just in case.

Still have not managed to get my head around the fact that some women insist on taking their husbands to these things!

Why? Why do it to yourself?

I ended up making a game of scoring the men between 1 and 10. Not looks – nope, not at all. Scoring them from 1= bored through to 10 = really, really pissed off!

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