October 26th

I felt that after last night’s crotch-wetting experience was enough for one week, and that things could only get better from here on in.I was sadly mistaken.

Monkey Boy and I walked to school, and, inevitably, just as I commenced my journey home, a cold wind picked up and a light drizzle started.

I returned home to discover I was unable to access my e-mails!

Then Grumpy pants rang to inform me that the pedal had fallen off his bike on the way to swimming lessons, with Godzilla on the back, and could I come and pick them up.


Sure, why not.

He’d been invited for coffee with some of the other mums from swimming lessons, and was thoughtful and kind enough to invite me along, too, which was nice of him.

Baby cinos and skinny lattes were ordered all round, and I was presented with a properly made latte. Just the right amount of froth (ie very little) on top.

Mmmm, I was looking forward to this.

Until Godzilla climbed up onto Grumpy’s lap, using the table for assistance, tipping it and sending my latte into my lap. Up my legs, under my legs, and yup, once again that warmth spreading across my groin.

My latte wasn’t properly made, it was perfectly made! Right amount of froth on top, and the temperature could not have been more perfect. Not too hot, exactly how a latte should be made.

Fuck it!!

I’m going back to bed!

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