October 3rd

You know there are some days were being a parent is just plain difficult.

Other than every day, I mean.

After all the torment I’ve beent through trying to decide whether or not to remove Godzilla from the creche he’s been attending for three years, taking him away from all his friends, and pretty much the only kids he’s had consistent play time with in that time, from the place he loves going to and his face lights up when he know’s its a creche day…

… well, today he chucked a tanty and said he didn’t want to go!!

My heart broke in two. How can I now send him there?

How can I keep him home, I have work to do?

The tantrum started because of “the wong sandles” – “I don’ wan dose ones, I wan dose ones”

So off he went to creche, no shoes, no jumper (that was “the wong one” too) and he put his head in his hands and sobbed and sobbed. He’s never done that before. His teacher promised to ring if he didn’t settle.

I left in tears. She didn’t ring.

Apparently, as soon as I left, and his friend turned up, all was forgotten. He even put his sandles on himself!?

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