October 4th

Another one of those sucky parenting days.

Due to “circumstances beyond my control” – again – I had to take Godzilla to uni with me this morning. Last minute thing – somone forgot to mention a meeting they had to go to. Fortunatley, Monkey Boy could be dealt with by the other someone.

Scrambled around trying to find food that would appease a Godzilla through a two hour tutorial.

The catch? Its a health subject and we were discussing healthy schools and eating etc.

So, the trick was to find food that would appease Godzilla and make me look like a “good mum” (in front of the 20 or so 12 year olds that they now allow to attend uni. Well, they look and act 12 anyway!) I have to set an example, you know.

Achieved. Even the tutor commented on what a lovely snack it looked.

After he had consumed two vegemite sandwiches, some low fat, high grain crackers with cheese, a handful of dried apricots and another of assorted nuts, and consumed his baby cino (which the man at the cafe had done a fabulous job of preparing, I was so impressed), we still had an hour and a half of tutorial left.

He did a drawing. Just the one. I really need to encourage that a bit more.

Then he got bored. Really bored. And a little tired. So he climbed onto my lap and wriggled and sang and wriggled some more. Oh, last semester at this time he was GREAT. He was too shy to say anything and just lay on the floor at my feet.

What happened????

Then he got really bored and began blowing raspberries into my cleavage and laughing.


Hmm, I’m so used to these things happening that I can work around them easily.

I couldn’t understand why everyone suddenly turned around and laughed!

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