October 5th

What have I done to deserve this?

It happened again – one of those days that reminds you you’re a parent.

I had to go to uni this morning – its a one off for a Thursday.

Godzilla’s swimming has changed time and now clashes with school drop off.

Not a problem. Except when I have uni this morning.

So we arranged for Monkey Boy to be dropped off at a friends house before school so he could go with them. Fun, adventure, something a little different.

Nuh Uh.

Tears. Tantrums.

And then the I don’t want to go with them’s. The “I want you”s. The “You don’t love me”s.

I promised him I’d be around to pick him up from school. I promised!!

I left for uni. I can’t deal with this again.

And got home to find he had such a great time as soon as he walked in the door of his friends place that he wasn’t going to come home after school, he was going to go back there and didn’t want me to pick him up.

Humph. But I PROMISED!!!

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