October 6th


Ok, who do I hand my resignation to, huh?

I finally built up the courage to ring another childcare centre. I made a decision. I was going to send him somewhere else. That’s it. I’m going to do this. I know he has friends, but I don’t like where he is.

Well, I do. I love his teachers. More importantly, he loves his teachers. And his friends. But, no, I’m going to change the centre.

The new centre even had places I could put him into now! Yay.

And then I picked him up.

Sandra, his teacher, told me all about his day on Tuesday. The day I left dropoff in tears with my heart in pieces. “Nope, he was fine. Had a great day. Was really happy when his friends got there. Yeah, he was really good.”

Well, I know that, he didn’t want to leave when I picked him up. Grrrr.

She went on her break and I went into the room to pick him up. Janine, his other teacher, was playing with him. She told me they really like him. She told me he’s a really good boy and fun to be with. She called him “Sandra’s little boy” because Sandra is his favourite and he follows her all day and cuddles her. He fell asleep on Sandra today having a cuddle. She said he plays nicely with all his friends. He has lots of friends, she told me.

He doesn’t bloody follow me around all day. Except when I’m on the phone and/or he wants food.

How can I take him away from all of that?

And how do they know? I haven’t mentioned taking him out to anyone? Hell, I didn’t even know until today!!! How do they do it????!!!!

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