Of COURSE I know. I just don't CARE!

I tried.

I did. I really, really did.

I promise.

Someone at school (stupid school making my kids aware of stuff that I don’t want them made aware of) told Monkey Boy about a Star Wars show on one of the new free to air digital channels.

I don’t know what it is because I heard “There’s a Sta ..” and then I switched off. Also the “[insert name of child here – I dunno who, wasn’t listening] told me!” and he was all excited.

(Also, in my defence, I had a screaming toddler alternating between kicking me and climbing up my legs, an 8 year old advising me he was hungry and I was trying to work out what the hell I could cook for dinner. And I hadn’t had a chance to pour my wine!)

So he’s been watching it all this week. So I know about it, even though I’ve been trying to not to.

Then I figured I should at least give it a go. Besides, I was sitting

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