Of course it went pear shaped…

I mean, I’m a woman. Women and pear shaped go together.

Got up early. Reminded Grumpy he had to deal with the same time school and kinder thing.

“Ok, so I have to take Monkey Boy to walking school bus meeting spot, and take Godzilla to kinder?”


“And then make their lunches, and Godzilla finishes at what time?”

“Hmm, generally I make their lunches before I take them off to school, but I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out.”

Emailed Zoo to tell them I was unable to pay them over the ‘net due to restrictions on amounts I can transfer from my account.

Rang Zoo to tell them. Left message.

Grumpy rang to find out if heard from printers re magazines. Nope. No email either.

Grumpy rings printers (think by this stage he was fed up with stress levels in house)

Hmmm. No mags for launch tomorrow night. Fabulous!

Arrive home 4.48pm. Still not heard re mags (printers closing in 12 mnutes). Still not heard from Zoo. Closing in 12 minutes. Do they not want to be paid??????

Search for another number, speak to receptionist, tell her I’m quite happy not to pay.

Some people just have no sense of humour.

Printers ring, magazine will be ready tomorrow at midday. Fabulous. Can’t finish stuffing bags until I actually have everything that needs to be stuffed.

Stuff what can in front of Cars DVD. Kids “help”.

No time for relaxing bath before big event tomorrow night. Go to bed instead.

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