Of course it will be ok

Monkey Boy picked up for school, and had to drag myself out of bed to make lunches for the day.

Managed to get Godzilla to kinder, where all the other mummies were very kind to me.

Staggered home and crawled into bed.

Rang the kinder at some point to tell them to just send Godzilla home with someone. I didn’t care who, just someone. And if they could not wake me if they had to drop him off at home, otherwise Grumpy would be about to pick him up at some point.

Apparently, they can’t do this. They need a name, preferably someone on the form I filled out at the start of kinder. They can’t just send him home with anyone.


My head hurts. My throat hurts. And it makes perfect sense to me to just send him home with whoever will have him.

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