Of course it's all about you

School picnic cancelled today, due to impending abhorent weather.

Which, of course, turned out to be perfect for a school picnic.

After explaining to Godzilla firstly that we would have to race from school, to swimming and back to school for the picnic, I then had to re-explain that the picnic was off.

The school – lovely as they are – decided that they would have a Santa colour day or something, and have all the kids donate a gold coin. The donations would then be used to purchase gifts for those children less fortunate than our own. Two kids, accompanied by parents, would be selected to be the selectors of such gifts.

My kid was one of those selected, so I was given first option on going with them and the other kid’s mum to purchase the gifts.

By “option” I mean I was rung and pretty much given no option but to accompany them. Luckily the other mum

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