Of words and wisdom

Quite frankly peeved with Monkey Boy’s smartarsey behaviour this week, particularly in relation to his school work (some of which was sent home for me to look at) I inadvertently became Bitch Mother From Hell.

It’s not my fault! They made me!

To be fair, the spelling he’d been bringing home to do, whilst age appropriate, was doable for him. Maybe not easy, but certainly not ‘challenging’ and this last lot, I actually think he using his wiles, quite appropriately. According to his good self.

For me, I kinda felt including the word “build” and then variations of was a bit sneaky. By “variations of” I mean builds, builder and builders. He’d done the same with two other words. Given the list is ten words, I’m working with “smart arse” and “not trying very hard”.

In light of discussions with teacher and various others, I took the cause into my own hands, told his teacher I felt this was inadquate and was it ok if I added a few harder words to the list.

As it turns out, we’re lying in bed at 6.37 this morning and I’m getting him to spell a few extra words, all of which included the “blend” ui (this apparently means all the words have the letters U and I in them, consecutively. Ye, I had to ask, too.)

So we – by which I mean “I” – added the word disguise, because this was apparently on the list just after build, builds, builder, builders and even building. Which made me think of “distinguish” and then “extinguish”.

Not satisfied with this, because he did them all relatively easily, I needed another that my mind could cope with in it’s pre-caffeinated and woken-before-ready state.


That’ll do it.

I mean, it’s not like he hasn’t heard it before. Fairly sure he’s been threatened with exsanguination if he didn’t do his bloody spelling homework without whinging.

He got it, too.

Lay in bed with mixed feelings; very proud and impressed he had spelt the word with little trouble, sad and envious that he could spell it without the aid of caffeine and at such an early hour.


I wish I could do that.

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