Off to the seaside we go

Planned a trip to Lorne for a swim in the beach, given the lovely warm weather predicted for the day.

But first, a stop at local massive shopping centre to get Godzilla some new runners. Given that his current pair were doing a good job of resembling Chinese foot binding, I felt it necessary to do it sooner rather than later.

We packed up our swim paraphernalia and head off to shopping centre, where Grumpy and Monkey Boy went in search of books (Captain Underpants is the current hit, along with some of the Thomas books we don’t have) and Godzilla and I head to Target.

They had a sale on – I couldn’t resist.

Godzilla had decided that he MUST have green runners, which, of course were not just scarce, but non-existent. As were any suitable shoe is his size.

Eventually located a pair, in his size, which had a couple of green highlights. Perfect. I even persuaded him there was enough green on them to satisfy his desires. And satisfied enough, he was, to try them on without bother.

I wedged his right foot in (I forgot socks

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