The school term ends today and I have carefully structured my day to ensure the greatest level of productivity in the time I have available, what with early finishing times and the like.

We kick off the morning to complete and utter chaos, a changed routine and running extraordinarily late. I choose to couple my morning walk with walking the high schooler to school.

I have carefully planned my route for the day, given the extremely tight time frames I am confronted with.

Monkey Boy forgets his locker and house key and grumbles about returning home to get it. I attempt to explain that he’ll need it to get inside the house after school as I won’t be there, but was constantly confronted with that most coherent and comprehensive of arguments that includes a single, monotone “Urgh!”

Eventually I’m able to explain that I will not be picking him up, nor will I be home when he arrives home as other school pickup times coincide.

“Fine. Don’t make time to pick your favourite son up then. If you’re too busy, don’t worry about it,” he says.

I barely manage to explain he is rapidly working his way down my List of Favourite Things, kiss him goodbye, yell “I LOVE YOU!” as we near the school and head on with my walk.

I get much of my list done before heading to kinder pickup, where I am called aside to sign an accident incident form and greet Chippie, who is sporting

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