Oh, great, and just before bedtime, too.

A ‘normal’ Monday after a very busy weekend.

All over the place like a mad woman’s breakfast, school, home, feeding, remembering to take something out of freezer for dinner, Grumpy going off to work when I was sure it was tomorrow and not today, attempting to get some work done, where technical things went wrong and my whole plan fell to pieces. Like a mad woman’s breakfast.

Attempted to explain approximately 496 times that “No, 10am is not lunchtime” and “No, you cannot have cake for lunch” and “No, you cannot have cake for lunch at 10am” before resorting to “Is that the postman? Go check the letterbox” and crawling into the freezer compartment for a few minutes peace.

Made it through the day. Promised cake after dinner. Made lasagne for dinner. Promised cake after they had had a bath. Really, how much mess can you make with lasagne. Lots apparently. Sat down at computer while they had a bath and yelled a furtehr 862 times for them to get out. Promised them cake if they would get dressed soon. Ok now. But first they had to put their neatly folded clothes away. Promised them cake after they did that. Sat at computer again as they were taking too long. Which was good, as I was getting some work done. They sat on the floor and played. Came in once asking for cake, which I promised them as soon as I finished this email. They went back and played. Happily. No fighting or arguing.

And then … “Some chicken just pulled out my brain,” from Godzilla.

Great. And just before bedtime, too.

Better get them some cake …

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