Oh, my beating heart!

This post brought to you by the Heart Foundation and Go Red for Women

I had to get up and leave the house before I had my coffee this morning. It wasn’t pretty. Firstly, it was morning. Secondly, well, no coffee.

I went off to have a fasting blood test, which does not go fast at all, but means I haven’t eaten for 12 hours and had to leave the house before I had my coffee.

Remember a couple of days ago I wrote about ‘fat’, my body fat, and how much I don

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  1. Hey, that’s you!

    yeah, heart disease and related illnesses are a silent killer of women, as in it doesn’t get a whole month in aid of awareness, and morning teas and cricket matches and all sort of other pink stuff.

    I regularly get a full blood test for cholesterol (and I have a family history of high cholesterol now) and blood pressure checked etc
    and exercise.

    I have family history of cancer, all sorts, all my grandparents died from various forms of cancer. When I turn forty I’ll be getting a colonoscopy.

    All these tests are regularly painless, maybe a little uncomfortable, pap smears suck, the preparation for colonoscopies is unpleasant, and I hear mammograms are like having your boobs stuck in a voice, but all that uncomfortable is far less than what you’ll live with of things aren’t detected early enough.

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