Oh my god, you guys! A Legally Blonde the Musical Experience

The day started off relatively ok, albeit with about three changes of plans to accommodate the fact that Godzilla was off school, due to it being Student Led Conference Day and Grumpy Pants was off doing some training and was a little unsure of his hours. I was off to see today’s matinee of Legally Blonde The Musical, which I was very much looking forward to.

I’d already advised that I would be late, due to duties required of me but would be in time for the show. Just not the planned festivities beforehand.

I figure, also, to be quicker, I would head into the Princess Theatre via public transport and not screw around trying to find a park. It was a good thing I did, as Murphy’s Law was in full swing this morning.

I had a moment of panic thinking Grumpy Pants had the Myki card stashed in his wallet, but located it, quite by accident, under a pair of mismatched socks sitting atop the tall boy awaiting their respective partner.

The two children in my charge are hearded off; one to a friend’s house where he would be well occupied and the second to kindergarten, where he generally spends his Wednesday. I had the luxury of choice between the tram or the train for transportation in, and as kinder was my second drop off, I opted for tram. Again, a good thing as as I was unloading child and paraphernalia from the car, I discovered it had a flat tyre.

A very flat tyre.

It must have just happened as there was no issue with driving earlier, but I could see no fathomable reason for it’s flatness. Text messages to the Grumpy One to advise and reorganise the plans for the day. Again.

Run for the tram, discover funds on Myki card are low, hope off nearby a train station which will not only get me closer to my destination than the tram will, but will also enable me to top the card up so I don’t get fined or something.

Or so I thought. Unfortunately, my debit card is declined and no explanation given. I revert to my other card, which I know won’t be declined for low funds and it, too, is declined.

I give up.

I hope I have enough on there to allow me to exit at the other end. However, upon attempting to exit, this card, too, is declined. The lovely men on standby to assist in such circumstances help me out, we test the card and, indeed, there are enough funds on it. I am rapidly forming a headache.

Arrive at the venue, meet with my friend and we are there in just enough time to head on up to the pre-show festivities we were invited to.


They had wine and delicious nibblies, which was awesome, except I think my wine was evaporating as it was disappearing rather quickly.

We also has the very delightful pleasure of meeting, albeit very briefly, David Harris, one of the performers in the show.

Who just happened to be this guy, playing this role.

And he was freaking brilliant.

The story itself pretty much stuck to that of the movie, which I quite liked as I knew what to expect. Shows that stray too far annoy me.

It was, however, filled with lots of singing and dancing as musicals tend to be. The singing was great, the dancing was fab and the acting was brilliant.

And, oh, my god, you guys – it was hilarious!

Loads of pink, lots of sparkles, an impromtu Riverdance, a delightfully gorgeous UPS delivery man, a Daddo of the Cameron variety and a considerable number of belly-laugh-inducing moments.

I do believe my friend and I both snort-laughed a number of times. Unfortunately, this has the effect of causing us to laugh more and it becomes a bit of a spiral. Thankfully, all our laughing was done at the appropriate moments.

Lucy Durack was brilliant as Elle Woods, and Warner (usually played by Rob Mills, but performed by the understudy whose name has slipped my mind and I feel terrible about it) did ‘looking hot’ rather well. Actually, everyone was great!

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Was just the time out and the laugh I needed, complete with an awesome, feel good story to inspire and motivate.

I caught the train back home, aiming to be in time for the aforementioned Student Led Conference, only to find I’d missed that train and the next one would have me arriving after

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  1. OMG! You guys, you just must go see this if you have a chance.
    I had only watched the DVD a couple of weeks ago with my girls. 10 y/o loved it and was extremly jealous when she found out I was lucky enough to be going to watch the Stage show. I was sent off with her Autograph book in my bag and strict instructions. I was very excited because the last time I was at the Princess Theatre it was to watch Scooby Doo….
    I felt very special meeting the hunky David Harris who was kind enough to give me an autograph for 10y/o (phew!)
    I thourougly enjoyed the show and will have a look to see if I can squeeze in a trip with my girls before the show finishes in 3 weeks

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