Oh NO!

T-shirts didn’t show up yesterday, or this afternoon. I’d hate to be the person on the other end of the lady who organised them!

Suggested we all go for a walk around the river, but, the tears started before we could walk out the door, so Monkey Boy and I went on our own.

I couldn’t get him to stay at home.

On the upside – I did manage to get a couple of short runs in, because the concepts of “not too far ahead” and “stay near me” and “get back here NOW!!!” were completely lost on him.

The downside of that is that I seriously need to do some bra shopping.

Went out for dinner with Grumpy to celebrate our anniversary (only 16 days late) to a nice restaurant.

Sadly, the dinner didn’t turn out as planned.

Worst was dessert. Shocking, yes. My panacotta (my favouritest dessert on earth) turned out to be a creme caramel (my least favourite dessert on earth) when presented to me.


Worse still was that they didn’t care.

(and t-shirts had been delivered when we were out, just in time for the walk tomorrow.)

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