Oh, The Irony!

On our last venture up the street (the one where got Santa photos, DVDs and very close to being beat to death with a roll of festive wrapping paper) I selected a DVD or two for my dear self.

I had few hopes of being afforded the time to actually sit down and watch any of them, but one can only hope, right? And if there is no Hope left in the world, then what is there?

So I Hoped.

I also, after yet another shopping trip, this time to Local, Massive Shopping Mall that is closer than the Up The Street place we visited, I also nearly lost the plot completely.

It did culminate in my yelling at around 6.00p.m., which only demonstrated just how much I need just a couple of moments – like about 3 months worth of moments, preferably consecutively – to myself; no one wanting something, yelling at me, asking repeatedly for Minecraft/Milo/another app for the iPod or climbing on me/hanging off me/complaining about my euwwwwy arse as I try to shower.

Thus, after coming together to watch a family movie (where I was sat on, hung off, had various toys, ranging from LEGO to smelly stuffed animals rammed in my face) I declared everyone was to GO TO BED and I was going to spend time watching a movie that I had chosen, and not be spoken to, or even come near.

This, of course, meant that as soon as I was comfortable and the video had started, everyone suddenly needed goodnight hugs and kisses, only I could be the one to read bedtime stories and the LEGO plane needed me to look at it

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