Oh, the irony

We are both most impressed – and extremely relieved – that Chippie is having more “sleeping through” nights than not.

Sleeping through, of course, is a relative term. He is still waking pre-6am. Usually even pre-5.30am which is just wrong. I, personally, do not consider this “sleeping through”. Him sleeping until I have performed all my morning duties, and can attend to him, is what I consider “sleeping through”. At the very least, waking only after I have had my first MUG of the day would be acceptable.

Still, he’s not waking at Stupid O’Clock for the most part. And I’m averaging five hours sleep straight instead of three hours broken.

Thus I was most pissed off when I heard the front gate and the doorbell going at 12.38am.


It rang a few times, followed by a knock. My first though … Who the fuck is fucking that? and my second was thoguht for the neighbours and hoping they were ok. I mean, really, you don’t knock on someone’s door at 12.38 am unless you are a friend/relative/neighbour who needs help. Or you’re stoned.

We went with the latter, as I discovered when Grumpy Pants suggested “no, you go see how it is” and I wandered over to the front door in my undies and singlet, jarmie pants in hand and hoping I didn’t have to open the door in a hurry.

In Grumpy’s defence, he had got up at 5.30am yesterday morning and worked a double, and was also doing a double today.

Also, in his defence, I think he was well aware that whoever was on the other side was likely to incur my wrath should he or she wake Chippie. And my wrath is not pretty. Thus, I was the scarier option for door answering.


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  1. Oh, I am so with you on a number of things:
    1. ‘sleeping through’ is sooo not about a few consecutive hours in the middle of proper, adult sleep – it’s sleeping, undisturbed from a reasonable bed time to the natural wakening of an adult (or, at least some time after 6am)
    2. it’s always those times when you’re doing your darndest to keep quiet to facilitate a peaceful baby nap that the smallest noise disturbs the bundle; yet, when there is noise that is out of your control, that you’re sure will wake the baby and send you into a rage of fury, they sleep on.. maybe it’s our paranoia that is waking them up..?
    3. I would have committed some horrid crime too

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