Oh the joys! Followed immediately by the not so joys!

After my issues with the dodgy on super special crappy sipper cup, I was really getting annoyed that I was not able to locate either the ok sipper cup or the good sipper cup.

The “OK” one he will drink out of but prefers not to. But it doesn’t leak, and is non-spill. Double bonus.

The “Good” one is the one he will drink out of. It does drip, when you hold it upside down. Let me rephrase – when he holds it upside down. And it does leak, but only when thrown across the room from the highchair and the lid comes off. Aside from those two things, no spillage or leakage or mess.

From the cup at least.

Anyhoo, both now missing for a week. And today, found! Hurrah!

Chippie was tossing a semi-deflated balloon around and it went under the coffee table, resulting in tanties because he couldn’t get it. And there they were – the two, long lost sipper cups!

Not sure why I didn’t go to the coffee table in the first place, because everything

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