Oh the joys

Some fun things about my day:

There’s not much more fun than waking up by a baby with a face full of snot.

Baby snot will find its way onto your pants, shirt and breakfast toast.

Overtired babies find standing in their cot and screaming for hours on end much more relaxing than actually lying down and going to sleep!

I finally got to sit down and do some work. And then remembered I had other children to go and collect from school. Whoops.

Off to gymnastics where we get to sit for an hour and a half in a freezing factory whilst watching a bunch of uncoordinated boys swing, tumble and hang. Not so uncoordinated that they’ll give us some entertainment value; like falling off stuff at high speed.

Chippie has decided to become a Clingon. Unsure if I need Dr Spock or Mr Spock. Preferably the one with the vapouriser.

Had a snot filled bath. Fun, fun, fun.

Made everyone go to bed early, because am evil, horrible worst mother in the world.

Like I care!

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