Oh, the possibilities …

After a somewhat long day, we were snuggled up in bed; Monkey Boy, Chippie, Grumpy Pants and I.

Godzilla was off camping with his uncle and I was trying not to stress.

Chippie was smacking me in the head with Buzz Lightyear and removed, sent off to his own bed. He chose the floor and screaming. Realising things were not going his way, he stopped, stood up, smiled and informed us “I goin’ in mine bed.”

Yep, you do that.

Tomorrow, being a public holiday, the kids having been home for the last four days already, and my having just done two big days of work, I was up for a break from the house. Preferably doing something that required a sizeable amount of walking.

“We can go and see Men In Black III,” Monkey Boy suggested.

“Well, yes, we could,” I replied. “But there’s generally not a lot of walking to be done, sitting on your arse and stuffing your face with popcorn, is there?”

“You could bike ride there,” suggests Grumpy Pants.

“Or we could walk there,” I say.

“Or catch the train,” says Monkey Boy.

His eyes widen, and he says, in a somewhat theatrical voice, “Oh, the possibilities are endless!” He extends his arms to visually reinforce just how endless the possibilities are.

“Or,” he continues, looking at me. “There are just three.”

And I go to sleep, still having no clue what the plans are for tomorrow …

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