Oh to be three

Yesterday’s lack of sleep carried over into today.

Which was not much chop as the day consisted of those three year old question and answer sesssion.

Not those ones that go “Why is the sky?” or even “why is that a dog?”

Not even the “what’s in a piece of wood, Mummy?” or “Why do girls have bagina’s?” asked in the most public of places.

No, the other questions. The ones that Mummy is asking.

The day commenced, prior to leaving for kinder, with “Why did you put body scrub in your hair?”

I wasn’t terribly surprised with the response “Because. I fort I like to do it.”

Goodo then.

Therein followed several “Where are your shoes?” followed closely by “Have you even looked for them?” “I don’t know, have you looked under your bed? Under the coffee table? In your kinder bag? Why are they in the cat food?”

“Coz. I fort I like them in there.”

I gave up after 47 “What do you want for lunch?” when he then ate 5 tubs of yogurt in a row.

“Would you like something else to eat?”

“Coz I fort I like dis for mine lunch.”

After he received several “No’s” for various things throughout the day, I eventually resorted to the sarcasm … “Well, why don’t you just chuck a tanty, coz that’ll get you what you want, won’t it?”


And on that note we left to go out for dinner with the family where I got in trouble for letting the kids watch The Simpsons.

Coz I fort I like the peace and quiet I get for half an hour each night.

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