Oh, yeah ….

Dishwasher and washing machine have both decided they’ve had enough and are debating whether or not they will continue to perform for much longer.

They’ve already decided not to perform to normal, or expected, standards. So, Dishwasher Man called in.

(Call to Washing Machine man put on hold for the moment, as seeing if can kill two birds with one stone and bribe Dishwasher Man to check things out).

Dishwasher Man turning up between 8am and sometime next August, and actually turns up shortly after 8am.


Then second little person dropped off. Dealt with 486 questions from her and her brother about the dishwasher. Then older brother left.

Grumpy, wanting to “discuss” with Dishwasher Man makes last minute decision for me to take kids to kinder. No probs, so long as he gets the kids ready to leave … shoes on, bike helmets on, bags organised and kids waiting at the door … while I just listen to last minute instructions from Dishwasher Man about washing machine.

Walk up hall and notice both the front door and front gate wide open.

No problems, except that there are no children in sight.

Oh, dear.

I race to find my runners, put them on as I’m racing up street, to find kids waiting halfway down path on the way to kinder.

Embark on “safety” tirade, including silliness of not waiting, dangers of taking off etc etc blah blah.

“But, we just going to kinder”

Right, clearly this isn’t getting through.

Return home and question Grumpy about leaving kids at door, as they do have a tendancy to race off as soon as ready. There appears to be an urgency to be first out the door, gate, to the corner, to the first lane, the second, the lights …

“Did you kinda reinforce that they had to wait for me?”

“Oh, yeah. I didn’t think of that. I just thought they’d wait.”


Head off for my walk, and then to the supermarket, again, to pick up the stuff that we’d forgotten only two days earlier.

Advised Grumpy would not likely be back before kinder pickup and would he remember to pick kids up. Sure, no worries.

Receive call on mobile as packing grocery bags into boot of car. At 10 past 1. 10 minutes after kinder finish time.

“Were are you?”

“At shopping like I said I would be.”

“Oh yeah.”


“I better go get the kids then, hey?”

Yup. That would be the plan.

At least the dishwasher is now working properly.

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