Okay, I admit it, I don't know my numbers

Ironic, really, that I’ve just posted about “thirteen”, which happens to be one of my favourite numbers, and not a number that fills me with dread and worry about terrible things going wrong.

I don’t generally like to do posts like this, because it’s not really what this blog is about. I don’t blog for bloggers, and this blog is not a blog about running a business. It is a personal blog, about raising boys and being busy, and life, and other stuff and things.

Being about all manner of life and stuff and things, sometimes the business and blogging aspect comes into it, and there are things that bug me. So, really, I’m just getting this out of my mind, off my chest, and providing some insight into the harsher side of blogging and business and being all busy, and life, and stuff. And things.

You see, every now and again, I need to provide some numbers to someone. People who ask for them, for various reasons. Numbers is also a big thing, especially on social media, and especially when it comes to business, blogs, or even just friends, followers and fans.

Apparently, the more you have the “better” you are.

Admittedly, big numbers to amazing things for your self esteem.

I have spent a lot of time not focussing on my numbers because a) I am far too thin skinned when it comes to numbers, and b) it wasn’t so long ago that an unsubscribe from Real Mums’ newsletter, or an unlike on Facebook could send me into tears.

There are lots more things I’ve come to understand about these numbers; some of which I’ve written about previously, and where I know that numbers are as much a facade as the nice meals, and happy days that fill some feeds on Facebook and Pinterest.

In some aspects, like my ‘friends’, followers, likers and the like, I can see exactly what these figures are. I don’t dwell on them or focus on them, because numbers are not important to me. Yes, yes, I know they should be, especially with a business and all that. I

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