On the right Tooth Fairy Track

I’ve just been reminded, yet again, that the Tooth Fairy has neglected to visit.

I’d like to be able to use the “we were away and maybe the Tooth Fairy doesn’t come when you’re away” excuse.

Well, technically, I did use that excuse. I received an eye rolling and frowny look in response.

It would be a good excuse if, say, the tooth came out just before we went away for the weekend.

But it didn’t. Nor did it come out whilst we were away. Or even the night before we left.

No, it came out last Tuesday evening. It is also possible it was actually Monday evening.

That makes it a whole week ago now.

No, the “we were away” excuse is not cutting it.

And Grumpy did mention something a few days ago. Something like “You forgot the Tooth Fairy again.”

To which I replied with all I had.

“Oh, so you did it then? Thank you.”

Or course, he didn’t. It’s not his job, apparently. It is merely his job to remind me of my incompetence at times.

The very same incompetence my 11 year old has threatened to sue the Tooth Fairy over if the very job they are required to do is not performed in a reasonable time frame.

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