One Day They'll Get It

If I may have a moment with my Cranky Pants, please?

Seemingly still intent on causing divisiveness between mothers in Australia, I hear yet another media report verging on deriding private hospitals for the increase in c-sections/intervention/birth problems compared with public hospitals.

I do not particularly want to get into debate or discussion about what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, because there are many, many valid arguments on the sides of both hospital births (public and private), home births and various in betweens, all of which I respect and accept. There is also much right going on in all areas, yet we hear little of this.

Whilst I don’t want to get into discussion or argument, I also really dislike the way these reports are made. Ditto re reports on home births, or any other Whatever The Latest Fad Is To Dis Someone About How They Birthed Their Child.

The issue I have with these reports is the gaping overlooking of the fact that a considerable number of those who choose a private hospital for the birth of their child do so because of high risk pregnancies, increased likelihood of something going skewiff, and potentially needed the resources of a private hospital. Et cetera.

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  1. You’ve won me over with that piece, I haven’t financially supported Save The Children before, but I am right now.
    & for the record I gave birth both times in a private hospital because I was healthy and had healthy pregnancies and was able to afford private health cover at the time so why not enjoy 5 day stay in a private spacious room with wonderful food and care. How lucky was I.

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