One more sleep

Knicked back to Coles to get some more stuff I needed for Christmas lunch and dinner tomorrow.

And get the kids pressies for their Santa sacks (I would so love to hand them back to the person that gave them to us and say “you fill them!!!!” I struggle every year.) and get back home without them seeing, and in time to make tomorrow’s lunch dessert and prepare for this evening’s dinner and guests.

All done in the nick of time.

Guests arrived, bearing very noisy gifts requiring lots of construction. Which we “encouraged” them to do there and then, resulting in Godzilla being far too busy to consume his dinner.

Went for a walk to check out some “Christmas Houses” – those anti-green, but quite fun, brightly lit houses – and has some scooter wars along the way.

Thank goodness they’ll be getting new scooters from “Santa” in the morning.

Guests left, eventually got kids to bed and asleep, dragged out all the pressies, filled Santa Sacks (nothing like some big bloody presents to fill a sack really quickly) and planted new scooters in middle of lounge room.

Grumpy Pants took himself off to bed, leaving me to do the finishing touches (yes, those that he was totally oblivious to and probably wouldn’t have done even if

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