One of those days … but I did it. You just do.

Previously: The kids’ washing bucket is overloaded to the point of commandeering the bathroom, and a portion of the hall, it’d been raining for three days straight and the weather, combined with a dose of CBF’d I was suffereing, had prevented not only their washing, but also ours (ie the adults of the household) being attended to.

I did get around to doing it, and the clothes line currently holds 5 load sof washing, still damp. There’s another load waiting to be hung out, a load in the machine, and we have swimming lessons today … Monkey Boy, after perforning an “OMG I have no pants!” tantrum and finally accepting I was not going to entertain it, just put on yesterday’s pants. Whatever. I’d been wearing these jarmy pants for

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  1. I love that you are as frazzled as me 🙂 My hubby gets those dodgy called in anytime shifts that shit me too!! Esp, when I book clients and canteen and reading and life in around his roster weeks in advance, and then HIS ROSTER CHANGES!! Sucks even more when its a family business and the person doing the roster is my MOTHER!! LOL.
    SO glad that you got the washing done tho, I cheated and have a load in the drier, there is no way I can fit another thing on the line!!

  2. Ya know, I’m possibly not supposed to be all weepy at this, because we’re MEANT to be strong and Just. Deal. with. It. but you scare the hell out of me 🙁

    I knew what I was getting into when we started having kids and hubby was working crappy shifts, and at least I know his are regular, timetabled crappy shifts, but knowing I’m not the only one who struggles with trying to do all the “please don’t bring siblings” shit that kindys pull, finding out that the same thing just keeps happening as they get older, and that the little buggers DO stuff that makes our hair fall out in chunks… well… nobody TOLD me!

    Thank you… I think :-/

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