One week on

It has now been a week of living in the Land of Doona Pixies.

I’m now getting stiff and sore from lots of time in bed. Who’d have thought that would be a problem.

Clawed my way out of bed and sat in front of some crappy kids movie with Godzilla, eating lollies. Given that the only consumables in the house are lollies and crap tasting tins of flavoured tuna (chilli and onion & tomato), there really wasn’t much option.

Despite being able to reach and unwrap the lollies, Godzilla was unable to place the wrappers in the bin. As the kitchen floor was literally covered in lolly wrappers, I found it very difficult to believe he had eaten only the “sixteen” he claims to have eaten.

But still at the point of not caring.

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