Ooh, that sounds exciting.

Not sure if I’m quite ready for it. Need a bit more time off. Still loads of work to be done, and I’m not quite relaxed enough.

But they’re back today. Dropped past the post office on the way to the airport to pick up a parcel – awww, someone loves me! A new Pump CD. Shame I didn’t have it when they were away. Wonder if I can pick them up in a week and have a bit more time?

Parked and waited an hour for them to get out of customs. An hour, even though I got there late, deliberately, and after the plane had landed. By which stage, I was actually excited to see them.

We drove home, me asking lots of questions … “How was it?”

“Yeah good.”

“Did you have fun?”


“What did you do?”


Wow, sounds like they had a blast. Geez, shame I missed it. 😕

Got home. Was given my present (yes, just one, will have to have words about this). A gorgeous silver and black watch, with DKNY spelt incorrectly on it.

Still, it was very nice. And just what I was after.

Sat on the couch, wanting to find out about it all, and all three of them fell asleep.

Fine, I’ll just go for my haircut then.

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