Ooops she's done it again

Flat out this week. Loads of work. Juggling timetables and school holidays looming.

Have major deadline that I suspect may be missed by meer minutes. If not a day – eeek!

Meeting with potential business opportunity for dinner. Shouldn’t be a long one (yeah, right, I get the night out, taken to dinner and no kids – I’m gonna drag it out for as long as possible).

Then realise that the kinder cake stall is on this Saturday. After the last effort, two years ago, where I am still showing the scars – Godzilla ate half of my only good cake – I’m determined to make a decent effort this year. I will make two cakes for the stall.

Deadline is tomorrow evening, and am at another weekend long seminar, commencing Friday morning.

Get to 6pm, as I’m heading out the door when I recall the cake thing.

Nothing like a bit of delegation …. “I gotta go. Am late. Need two cake for the cake stall this weekend. You’ll be right, won’t you? Kids can help. See ya!”

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