Organised Chaos and a Giveaway!

A couple of weeks back, I entered a competition over at Creating Order From Chaos.

Normally, I shy away from such places as they remind me of how chaotic and disorganised my life is and, subsequently, that I should probably do something about it.

I will! Right after I write these things that need writing, sort through the last fifteen years of photos, have a coffee and finish procrastinating, OK!?!


Anyhoo, the prize was a handbag organiser. I have coveted one of these for ages … it is the Virgo trait I posses that has me desiring all manner of items that allow for being organised. I have had handbags designed and made especially for me, to ensure they have adequate pocketage to assuage my organisey whims.

Sadly, I have yet to find the perfect handbag for these whims I possess and, the result? The Libran aspect of my being goes “Oh, I can’t decide” and this is the result of my handbag:

This is also the image I submit in order to enter the competition and, quite surprisingly, I WON! Hurrah!

I am now the very happy owner of a Brag Bags Handbag Organiser!

Hurrah! I can now keep my size 2 Bob the Builder knickers separate from my Trash Pack trading cards and random LEGO pieces! None of which are, technically, mine, but anyhoo.

I can keep my tampons and tissues handy, yet simultaneously prevent the inevitable, loud, four-year-old boy “What’s those, Mummy!?” in a busy cafe!

Or have them roll across the floor as I search for a pen; something I know I have stashed in my bag. Somewhere!

My post it notes and note book are kept safe, albeit handy, away from used, snotty tissues, and my lip balm is in handy reach.

And … I don’t know what that is, and probably don’t want to know … but now, it won’t get it’s ickiness on anything else in my bag!

I scored the 2 in 1 Organiser SYSTeM, in a delicious hot pink. Essentially, it is one large organiser, that unzips to become two smaller (one larger than the other) organisers … which is handy for me, as I often have a several bags going in the one week, depending on what the circumstances require ….

One pops neatly into the bag-of-chaos as shown earlier, and the other into my larger bag that I cart around when I have loads of worky type things to do, or have a pre-schooler tagging along with me.

And when I go for a different bag altogether, I simply lift the organiser out

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  1. This is a story from long long ago when I was a teenager, 17 I think.
    I was out on a sorta date with a boy I’d known since primary school and a bunch of his mates. We were sitting around in a cafe, I was the only girl, laughing have a great time. I reach into my bag for my smoke packet, bought it out flipping the lid as I went and offered them around to the table of teenage boys – You’ve never seen so many instantly red faces – it was a box of tampons!

  2. *snort* Jodi, I could SO have been you! 😀

    You know those orange nappy sack things that you’re meant to throw soiled nappies in and dispose of? Well I use them for all sorts of random rubbish, and possibly my most embarrassing moment was pulling my purse out of my bag with a (thankfully firmly tied) distinctive orange nappy sack filled with carsick pre-schooler vomit looped over one end. Ok, nobody ELSE knew what it was, although it looked truly gross, but *I* knew what it was and that it had been in my bag for nearly 2 weeks. I’m not ashamed to admit I audibly gagged a little bit :-/

    On the up-side, those little bags are pretty good at keeping their contents contained!

  3. You know how they say we wear all sorts of hats, especially as parents? Well, for me it’s not hats, it’s bags (in addition to the ones under my eyes due to sleep deprivation)

    I have various handbags, well two, actually three, the everyday one, and two going out ones, one is shiny black and one is matt black.

    in addition to those, I have the “which hat are you wearing today?” bags.

    My job interview bag
    Rolling suitcase for Tafe (now in retirement, thankfully)
    Work bag, full of payslips, unfinished self directed learning packages, MUG, and other detritus
    Dancing bag, with tap shoes, bandaids, one of the kids water bottles (I stole it)
    Gym bag, stinky towel, more bandaids, my drink bottle, gloves, lots of empty chewing gum packets, lists of exercises I never bothered doing
    Ukulele bag, with music, sometimes my uke, and two egg maracas
    And all my art bags and boxes, that includes paints, paint brushes, pencils, crayons, all kinds of paper, five erasers, two pencil sharpeners, an empty jam jar and a small yellow eggcup.

    Yes, the most embarrassing individual thing is yes obligatory box of tampons, although the most embarrassing occasion, has been when I DIDN’T have a box of tampons! (I don’t need to explain THAT one, do I?)

    Especially annoying considering that between the lot, I’ve got everything including the kitchen sink! (including knives and forks, for some reason…)

  4. I have never told anyone this before but when applying for NZ residency we had to have a medical check and my boyfriend told me I had to take a poo specimen.

    So I did, carrying it to the docs in a tupperware in my hand bag.

    Keen to get rid of it I pulled it out of my bag as soon as I got into the doctor’s surgery and handed it over.

    “What’s that?” asked the doctor eyeing the see through container. Then she told me that it was not needed at all.

    I didn’t really want to put it back in my bag and I think she took pity on me and offered to dispose of it for me.

    I don’t know why I married that man…

  5. My story was a couple of years ago when DH thought it would be funny to fill my nappy bag with items from the pantry. For whatever reason he was home for the day so he told me that he’d pack the bag for me… How nice!
    I did my groceries & went to pay and whilst rummaging through my bag for my wallet I found; Italian mixed spices, Nescaf

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