Our little "Sleeper Baby"

These Stupid Hour feeds are catching up with me. I’m rather tired quite a lot and am beginning to wonder when he will commence sleeping through.

The Mummy version of sleeping through, where he actually sleeps through from a reasonable hour at night, to a doable hour the next morning.

Not the Daddy Version, where Daddy sleeps through it all and catches up on shuteye, with no concept or recollection of the true middle of the night.

Had another last night. Not so bad as 3 am, but a good 1.30am, so back into bed by 2am. *Yaaaaawwwwnn*

2.02am and the crying starts. I consider getting up, but the cry isn’t really a Cry, its just noises, and they may go away. Besides, I’m so bloody tired that my brain is saying “get up” and my body is saying “screw you”. I can’t move anyway.

But I’m sure he’ll settle. It’s sounding that way. And I’m blissfully in a half sleep.

I hear Grumpy stir and then sit up. He arises, moves towards the door, and out. I consider telling him to leave Chippie, that he’ll probably settle soon, wait and see what the cries do. But as I said, too tired, can’t move, can’t be arsed.

Until I hear the cries getting louder. No – closer?

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