Packing for Camp

My afternoon and evening resumed wtih the usual.

I collected Godzilla from school, where he and Chippie played beautifully together; some Thomas the Tank Engine meets Trash Packs. It is possibly the absence of Monkey Boy, currently at camp until tomorrow afternoon, that has enabled such peaceful interraction to occur. Or it may just be one of those random coincidences.

There was only a minor argument during this play, that had me overhearing Chippie yelling at Godzilla “I a BIG engine. I not a steam engine. I a TOILET!”

I’m pleased that was resolved soon afterwards.

Grumpy rang (on the land line, he still has my missing phone) to meet up the street so we could take Godzilla out for sushi. He has been begging for ages, so we thought tonight was a good time. Off we go, Chippie riding his bike, backpack filled with trains on his back to ensure as much peace as possible throughout the meal. We arrive out our favourite Japanese restaurant to find it is closed.

This sort of happening is never a good thing when Godzilla is around, as once he gets something in his head, it is difficult to move. We get a lot of “but you said” that is not as easy as one would imagine to deal with.

Also, I was extremely devastated by such news, as I love this place, and incredibly surprised as it is always, always, full. The upside is, they’re moving a few doors away, to a bigger premises, which means we may have a better chance of getting in during one of our spur of the moment, ‘lets go for Japanese’ adventures. The downside of that is it’s moving to next door to the Lego shop.


I angle for Vietnamese as my head nad chest are still snotty and revolting and all I feel like eating is something with a chicken broth base.

We end up at Italian instead, where I have a chicken and spinach soup that is nothing like what I want or need.

Chippie asked Grumpy Pants, very loudly “Have you got obnoxious in your pants?”

Arrive home and remember we need to finish packing for camp for Godzilla tomorrow morning. Monkey Boy has our only sleeping bag (we don’t do camping much, can you tell?) and arrangements have been made for a swap over at campe. Godzilla and I packed on Sunday evening when we ednured Monkey Boy’s packing at the same time, so all we had left were the last minute things, like toothbrush. I made sure to have highlighted all the things we knew we hadn’t packed, and did a double check of it all.

Discovered Monkey Boy had been sent to camp with no towel. I’m not too concerned, last year he advised me he didn’t shower at all for the whole time he was there …

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